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We strive to provide quality, comprehensive family dentistry in downtown Kirkland, WA in a conservative and compassionate manner through our unique program, known as 3-STEPS to SMILE. As a general dentist in Kirkland, health is fundamental to our focus on preventive care, the keystone of our practice that equips our patients with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage oral and systemic health.

Three Steps
to Smile

A balanced nutritious diet can directly correlate to your positive oral health, therefore we find it necessary to start with establishing your proper nutritious diet to best care for your body, teeth and gums.

Healthy Body

Healthy teeth and gums are free of disease and infection. Numerous studies have linked periodontal disease with systemic diseases.

Healthy Teeth

A beautiful smile comes in many forms, but what they all have in common is a confident person behind them, able to show their smile because they feel the health of their teeth and gums.

Beautiful Smile

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